#Sharem Have fun & meet new people 04 Maart #OpenDataDay

#Sharem Have fun & meet new people #OpenDataDay
When:       Saturday 4th of March 18:00 – 21:00 uur
Where:      Bij Pakhuis de Règâh in Bazaar of Ideas,
Hoefkade 11, Den Haag.

Entrance:  Free after RSVP

On Saturday the 4th of March 2017 during #opendataday we will host the Dutch #Sharem at Pakhuis de Règâh. #Sharem is all about having fun & meeting with new people. There is a wonderful world around us and we are quite sure many of you have something to share with others!

#Sharem Have fun meet new people Open Datadag 4 maart 2017Pakhuis de Regah Pakhuis de Reiger een soort Pakhuis de Zwijger in Den Haag

What’s the idea of #Sharem?
Each participant prepares a talk/presentation. You can prepare it either on your own or being paired with another random participant (grows your social network!).

You have three minutes and you can tell us about anything you’d like.
A funny YouTube video, a cool business idea, your memories, interesting people, a nasty gif, a good joke or a bad one. Whatever you want. Seriously. We will have a beamer for you if you need it.

If you’ve decided to be in pair, mark it while RSVPing (there will be a field for it) or mark it in the “intro”,  we will tie you with someone a week before the event. In that case you have to make a contact with your assignee and decide altogether what and how you will prepare.

Any prizes at #Sharem?
Yes! The best presentation gets a bottle of wine. ;-)

Can I just come and watch #Sharem?
Yes! But it would not be that fun…

What else?
We will have a cool introduction (aka meet with everyone) and a cool afterparty in the indoor Ba(zaar) of Ideas. Also we will have some tea and snacks.

P.S. Remember to change your RSVP status if your plans have changed.

Auteur: Neo de Bono

Neo werkt aan inclusieve en coöperatieve stad en samenleving. En woont, werkt en kerkt als een moderne monnik in het Haagse Moerwijk

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