TSH Collab Pitch Night #1 – win a €2895 Lab room session

TSH Collab Pitch Night #1 – win a €2895 Lab room session
Wanneer: Thursday July 19th 18:00-20:00 hrs
TSH Collab The Hague, Hoefkade 11, Den Haag
Entree:      Free after registration via info@tshcollab.com

TSH Collab Pitch Night #1 – win a €2895 Lab room session
TSH Collab Pitch Night Pakhuis de Règâh Pakhuis de Zwijger in Den Haag Edgar NeoA new pitch night is coming up! Are you a person who has crazy good idea’s? Or do you have 10 great tips for freelancers you like to share? Or do you like to tell your business story? Well this is the event you want to join, you will pitch it to entrepreneurs and small business experts at TSH Collab!

Use your one minute of fame to tell who you are and/or what your business/study is about. Stop awkward networking and let’s get serious about pitching!

We also have a really nice prize to win! A Lab Rooms session with a value of €2895. But what is Lab Rooms?
Lab Rooms changes the way we work. In one of our creative rooms you can kickstart that project you’ve been sitting on with the help of our experts or have an intense ‘learn by doing’ day in one of our workshops. Make it happen today, tonight, tomorrow or whenever you want.

What to expect…
· Results: tangible results in one day
· Dream Team: strengthen your team with our experts
· Bird eye view: we bring outside fresh new perspectives
· Learn by doing: by doing it you learn AND get your things done
· Get real: experiment and test quickly new ideas to get validation

Check this video about Labrooms: https://vimeo.com/201288681

>> You can sign up by sending an email to: info@tshcollab.com

TSH Collab Pitch Night #1 – win a €2895 Lab room session
Wanneer: Thursday July 19th 18:00-20:00 hrs
Waar:         TSH Collab The Hague, Hoefkade 11, Den Haag 

Entree:      Free after registration via info@tshcollab.com

Pitch & Win, cheers!

Join us @ Border Sessions 2018

Border Sessions 2018
Wanneer: 13, 14, 15 & 16 Juni 
oa Het Nationale Theater aan het Spui
/ Gratis via We Are Public

Border Sessions 2018
Border Sessions 2018 Pakhuis de Règâh Moerwijk Cooperatie Lab Moerwijk Made in Moerwijk Soco Soco Edgar Neo Jeroen Boon Evert Drewes Kiemakracht
Presentaties en discussies over technologie en cultuur
Dit jaar bekijk je bij Border Sessions, het jaarlijkse Haagse technologie en cultuur festival, maar liefst negen presentaties en discussies van toonaangevende denkers. Zo hoor je in Women, Whistleblowing, Wikileaks van o.a. Britse journalist en voormalig Wikileaks redacteur Sarah Harrison over de rol van vrouwen bij Wikileaks, vertelt ontwerper Andrew Bullen over het inclusieve project van de European Street Design Challenge en licht New Media professor Vladan Joler toe hoe je met kaarten de onzichtbare lagen van de technologische krachten binnen onze maatschappij ontdekt en krijg je de kans om samen met Jeroen Boon van Kiemkracht je eigen Coöperatieve Community op te zetten.

“Op Border Sessions komen internationale vernieuwers samen om te speculeren over de toekomst. Innovatieve makers en toonaangevende denkers presenteren hun ideeën op het gebied van klimaat, voedsel, automatisering, privacy, economie, steden, macht en maatschappij. Een heerlijk moment om de reset knop in te drukken, je fantasie te prikkelen en verbindingen te leggen.”

Jonathan Looman (Redacteur We Are Public maatschappij)

Border Sessions 2018
Wanneer: 13, 14, 15 & 16 Juni 
oa Het Nationale Theater aan het Spui
/ Gratis via We Are Public

About Border Sessions

Border Sessions is a yearly tech culture festival on a mission to kick-start and fuel challenging ideas, experiments, and multidisciplinary projects.

We unite creative and critical minds from around the globe who share the belief that technology should be a powerful instrument for positive change. We offer a multifaceted platform that connects various participants from public and private sectors. Together with our partner network and community we examine GROUNDBREAKING technologies and work towards SOLUTIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD. Border Sessions does this by organizing networking meetings, co-creation labs, workshops, sessions by inspiring speakers, a hackathon and the Border Labs Award.

Each year at Border Sessions you get to meet new partners, like minded people and gain new experiences and ideas. Together we present and discuss our work, merge networks, explore and implement new instruments and materials, as well as, celebrate our successes and launch future goals and important missions.

Central to this year’s Border Sessions Festival are various labs to provoke critical thinking, problem solving and explore innovative management skills. The labs focus on a specific topic or theme and a have clear mission and goal.

The conference includes different international speakers, book presentations, workshops, a hackathon and the Border Labs Award. There are five tracks central to the conference and festival: Humanity, Society, Cities, Nature and And Beyond. Keep an eye on our website for conference updates.

host the Hack the Planet Hackathon. During the “Hack the Planet” Hackathon creative minds will gather to collaborate with the organizations that aim to improve the world. Work in small teams to tackle some of the most pressing challenges they face and work on the problem that you are most eager to solve. The goal is to come to a solution that will actually be implemented right after the hackathon!

Border Sessions 2018
Wanneer: 13, 14, 15 & 16 Juni 
oa Het Nationale Theater aan het Spui
/ Gratis via We Are Public

Nederlandse Commons Assembly De Meent Meet-Up

Nederlandse Commons Assembly De Meent Meet-Up
Wanneer: Donderdag 13 Juli vanaf 20:00 uur
Waar:       TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
Entree:     Gratis

Commons Meetup De Meent Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht European Commons Assembly 2017 Circulaire Stad Den Haag Pakhuis de Regah Pakhuis de Reiger Pakhuis de Zwijger in Den Haag<Scroll Down For ENGLISH>
Commoners uit het hele land komen Donderdag 13 Juli 2017 samen in TivoliVredenburg voor de Nederlandse Commons Assembly. In Utrecht, want daar eindigt die avond de Internationale Commons Conferentie (IASC2017). Een kans voor Nederlandse pioniers én internationale commoners om elkaar te ontmoeten. We zetten de Nederlandse commons op de kaart! Vanuit Pakhuis de Règâh gaat er ook een delegatie naar Nederlandse Commons Assembly De Meent Meet-Up. Ga mee!

Over De Meent
De Meent is hét verbindende platform tussen commoners, academici en politiek, om het commons denken verder te promoten in Nederland, om uiteindelijk het systeem grondig te hervormen richting een commons based samenleving.

In de praktijk betekent dit dat we de belangen van commoners willen behartigen, soms met een campagne, soms met expertise, soms met lobby, en dat we een ontmoetingspek willen zijn voor commoners zodat zij kennis en ervaringen kunnen uitwisselen.

Onze doelen zijn:
* Het gedachtegoed van de commons, in de breedste zin, verspreiden in Nederland;

* Het op de politieke agenda zetten van de commons als alternatief voor bestaande economische en bestuurlijke structuren;

* Het zichtbaar maken van de verhalen van commoners in Nederland;

* Het faciliteren van ontmoetingen tussen commoners;

* Het praktisch ondersteunen van commoners in Nederland.

On Thursday the 13th of July, commoners from all over The Netherlands get together in TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht for the launch of the Dutch Commons Assembly. The assembly, aptly named ‘De Meent’ (a reference to the old Dutch word for commons), is a platform for commons pioneers, thinkers and policy makers.

De Meent wants to advocate the commons based principles in society at large. The platform intends to also be a supporter for commoners, by lobbying, campaigning and offering expertise.

De Meent above all is meeting point for commoners. A place where people can exchange ideas and experiences, to celebrate the commons!

The event in Utrecht is co-inciding with the International Conference for the Commons, the IASC2017, where commons thinkers from all over the world will come together for a whole week. The Dutch Commons Assembly in TivoliVredenburg will be a good chance for Dutch pioneers and activists and international experts to meet up and connect.

De Meent co-founders are Sophie Bloemen, Christiaan Fruneaux, Thomas de Groot, Socrates Schouten, Joachim Meerkerk, Melissa Koutouzis, Bart Cosijn and Jelle de Graaf. We warmly welcome you to join us for this very special night.

De Meent was founded as a spin-off from the European Commons Assembly, which first convened in the European Parliament in Brussels in November of 2016.

Our Goals:
To promote commons based thinking in The Netherlands;
To advocate for commons based policies and commons based economic practices;
To tell the stories of Dutch commoners, and to put them on the map;
To facilitate encounters and exchange between Dutch commoners;
To further develop the commons narrative and discourse, to make technological, legal and organisational knowledge more accessible;
To actively support commons in their endeavours to start co-ops and other commons initiatives by offering legal, political, financial, technological and organisational expertise.

OuiShare Fest 2017 in Paris Cities of the world UNITE

Ouishare Fest Paris 2017 CITIES OF THE WORLD, UNITE!
When:       5-7 of July 2017

OuiShare Fest Paris 2017 Smart City Impact City The Hague Pakhuis de Regah Pakhuis de Reiger Pakhuis de Zwijger in Den Haag
For its 5th edition,  OuiShare Fest Paris, 5-7 July, places cities at the center of attention.
Can cities be the basis of democratic renewal? Will they find ways to conquer a political weight proportional to their demographic and economic power? Can global networks of cities take over from an exhausted international system? As a Platform for the city/of the citizens of The Hague Pakhuis de Règâh can’t miss out on this opportunity. Pleas join us! Or follow us throught #OSFest17 

For this 5th edition, we invite cities and citizens with cutting-edge tools and radical solutions to join forces and build new alliances in order to achieve systemic change. Pakhuis de Règâh was invited to join. And so we will travel with a team of Smart Citizens to Paris.

OuiShare Fest is an invitation to step out of your comfort zone and connect with the people building the society of tomorrow. You’ll find a mix of entrepreneurial spirit and free minded people like nowhere else in the world, making it a great place for innovators of all kind.

We believe that new ways of thinking are needed to find solutions to the complex issues of our time. To create and foster a fertile ground for new ideas, we bring together entrepreneurs, innovative leaders and decision makers from a variety of countries and encourage them to confront their different perspectives through workshops and participative sessions.

OuiShare Fest is known for not only being a place of inspiration, but where valuable connections are made – for both your professional and personal life. The event is carefully designed to make connecting with others surprisingly effortless, whatever tribe they belong to.

Private dinners for deeper connections, live performances to spark conversations, music and dance to celebrate… OuiShare Fest does not only challenge attendees intellectually, but aims to invigorate their mind, body and soul.

The first OuiShare Fest was held in Paris in 2012. Since then, OuiShare has spread across Europe, North & Latin America and the Middle East. Since OuiShare Fest is open source, OuiShare communities around the world have created their own OuiShare Fests: Colaboramerica was first held in Rio in 2016, Barcelona has already held two OuiShare Fests and Montreal launched Eco2Fest in 2016.

For more info & tickets: http://paris.ouisharefest.com

Join us @ Border Sessions

Border Sessions 2017 28, 29, 30 Juni
28th, 29th & the 30th of June 2017
Nationale Theater aan het Spui + Filmhuis Den Haag

Border Sessions Smart City Impact City The Hague Pakhuis de Regah Pakhuis de Reiger Pakhuis de Zwijger in Den Haag

Border Sessions is a yearly technology conference and a year-round lab aimed to kick-start and fuel challenging ideas, experiments and endeavours with a strong focus on multidisciplinary projects. We unite creative and critical minds from around the globe who share the belief that technology should be a powerful instrument for positive change.

Every edition of Border Sessions you get to meet new partners and collect new experiences and ideas. We present and discuss our work, merge our networks, tinker with new instruments and materials, celebrate our successes and launch our next missions.

Leading up to the festival we are always interested to expand our community. Please feel free to share your ideas or feedback with us.

For details & tickets: http://www.bordersessions.org